Oct 15, 2018 10:05 Asia/Tehran

Iran's defense minister said, inaction against US rebellion could result in the emergence of new Hitlers.

Iran PressIran news:  Attending at the closing ceremony of the 4th ICMM Pan-Asia Pacific congress on military medicine, Brigadier General Amir Hatami added, Americans boycotted us because of opting for independence, and even do not allow us to import medicines. 

According to Iran press, he also said, if we do not try to fight this rebellion, we could see the emergence of new Hitlers in the world.

Hatami added, Iran has been the victim of chemical weapons and bombs, and after three decades, Iranian families are still suffering from exposure to weaponized gas.

He said, the country has become self-sufficient in producing medical equipment and is ready to share its experience with other countries.

Iran has made hundreds of products for protection against radioactive, biological and chemical weapons, he added.

Hatami also said, today we have demonstrated all the capabilities of our military medicine; we do not want other countries like us to have thousands of veterans and suffer pain.

General Hatami also voiced Iran’s readiness to run courses for participants of the military medicine congress to share the experience in countering chemical weapons, saying the Defense Ministry is also open to cooperation in the field of military veterinary medicine.

Iranian defense minister underlined, countries with chemical weapons must compensate their past mistakes and international organizations should condemn the owners of this type of weapons.

Hatami added, the world should take action against the atrocities and stand in front of genocide and rebellion and confront against genocide in Yemen.

The 4th edition of Military Medicine Congress in Asia-Pacific Region was attended by military commanders and delegations from 45 countries.

Iran took the rotating presidency of the biennial congress.


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