Oct 09, 2018 15:00 Asia/Tehran

The Iranian defence minister, Brigadier General Amir Hatami has emphasised that Iran is one of just seven or eight countries in the world which possesses advanced drone technology. He added: "We are among a handful of countries who have used drones for reconnaissance purposes and for long-distance operations."

Iran news/ In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Tuesday, Defence Minister Brigadier General Hatami  emphasised that air power is an important and integral part of Iran's defensive power, playing  multiple roles in the country's defence strategy.

In further remarks General Hatami said: "Our Radars and air defences play a very important part in defending the air space of the country. Also the Iranian Air Force plays a crucial role in defending the skies over the Islamic Republic of Iran, and during the past 40 years this task has been accomplished very well, and we continue to staunchly defend Iranian airspace and skies against any foreign intrusion."

Turning to drones or unmanned aerial vehicles defence minister Hatami said: "I can seriously say that we have made excellent progress in this field, and today we are one of just seven or eight countries in the world which possess  advanced drone technology."

He added: "We are among a handful of countries who have  successfully used drones for reconnaissance missions and to carry out long-distance operations. One example, is our missile and drone strike against terrorist positions in eastern Syria, close to where US military forces are based.

Brigadier General Hatami added: "This is also a very important scientific field, and research and development of drones or pilotless aircraft is a major area of research today. Bearing in mind our resources, our highly-qualified and highly skilled personnel, our industrial and technological capabilities, and our advances in science, we shall continue to further develop drone technology. In fact, this technology is vital for our defence sector, and it is important both for the country and for the Armed Forces.

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