Aug 25, 2018 16:37 Asia/Tehran

Head of Iranian National Carpet Center described The 27th edition of Iran Handmade Carpet Exhibition, as the world’s most important and biggest event in the art and industry of handmade carpets.

In an exclusive interview with Iran press,added,Fereshteh Dastpak, Despite the economic situation in the country,  handmade carpets always shine and have great power.

She also said, The Iranian handmade carpet has gentility with over 2500 years old history.

Dastpak said,participation of over 670 producers, export companies and manufacturing units across the country will take part in this fair.

She added, More than seven hundred booths are dedicated to this exhibition and from the first day of the fair, the exhibition will provide their works to buyers.

Dastpak also said,By selling Iranian carpet we can strengthen the country's national production industry.

Handmade carpets are a family and social capital that we must work to keep it, added She.

She also said,The Iranian carpet must be preserved for generations and the Iranians must give it to future generations.

Given the sanctions conditions, we need to replace the US in exporting Persian carpets to other countries, said also Dastpak.

She added,We declare to foreign countries that the Iranian handmade carpet can not be sanctioned and Iranian carpet were not lied in the sanctions circle.

Dastpak also said, Persian carpets belong to the people of this country and its motifs belong to the late generations.

She added,We have preserved handmade carpets in all circumstances and this artwork has always been in the bad economy, the savior of the country.


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