Aug 14, 2018 17:40 Asia/Tehran

The governor of Hamedan province, Mohammad Nasser Nikbakht, has emphasised that plans are at hand to attract both domestic and international tourists to the historic city of Hamadan, with its myriad tourist attraction sites.

 Iran Press- The city of Hamedan, and Hamadan province, have been chosen as the 2018 tourism capital.  In an exclusive interview with  Iran Press on Tuesday, the governor  of Hamedan province, Mohammad Nasser NikBakht , outlined the plans which have been drawn to attract both domestic and  foreign tourists into  Hamadan, an ancient historic city in Western Iran.

Commenting further on the plans, NikBakht said: "Well, there are many plans to attract domestic (Iranian) tourists to Hamedan.  We have taken many steps to boost tourism in this province, and some of these steps have paid off.  As I have indicated during  Nowrouz ( Iranian New Year festivities) there was a substantial increase in the number of  tourists, visiting Hamedan.  As   regards International Tourism, by holding two introductory events we will introduce the city and province of Hamedan  to the world."

The governor added:  "Nearly 170- 180 representatives of various countries' will take part in these events  this coming  November.  In late August,  around 34 or 35  Asian countries will pay a visit to Hamedan. All these are a wonderful  advertisement  for Hamadan.  Furthermore, with the assistance of the  National Heritage Agency and through the efforts of  provincial officials,  an agreement was signed with IRIB, Iran's National Broadcaster,  to advertise Hamedan both nationally and internationally, and this campaign has already started.  An animation has already been  broadcast.

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