Aug 12, 2018 09:53 Asia/Tehran
  • Leader: Those convicted of economic corruption must be punished urgently and fairly

In response to a letter by Head of the Judiciary Branch, seeking permission to take special measures in order to confront economic corruption, Ayatollah Khamenei approved the request and wrote: “Punishment of those convicted of economic corruption must be carried out urgently and justly; and courts of law need meticulous care and attention when handing out sentences to convicts.”

In a letter addressed to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, the head of the judiciary branch referred to the enemies’ economic war against the Iranian nation and economically corrupt individuals who either deliberately or inadvertently further the goals of the enemies of the Islamic Republic. Ayatollah Amoli Larijani then requested permission for taking especial measures in order to urgently and assertively confront these crimes, within the framework of the penalty laws set for the economic system. In this letter, it is suggested to prohibit any probation or commutation for economic disruptors and corruptors. The leader of the Islamic Revolution agreed with this suggestion and stated: “Punishment of convicts of economic corruption must be carried out urgently and justly; and appropriate meticulousness must be given to the designation of sentences by courts.”

The following is the full text of the letter by the Head of the Judiciary branch:

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Dear Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution,


Considering the present critical economic situation which is regarded as an economic war—as unfortunately, some of the economic disruptors and committers of economic corruption work in line with the goals of the enemies and help the enemies achieve their goals by committing crimes— it is necessary that instant and assertive confrontation be carried out. Theryby, if you deem it proper, please allow the head of the Judicial Branch to act within the framework of the penalty laws for the economic system of the country enacted on December 10, 1990 with later reforms and attachments, and the article 286 of the Islamic penalty laws enacted in 2013, while respecting the following facts:

1. Based on the contents of Act 6 of Article 2 of the aforementioned law, some branches of the revolution’s courts be formed with the presence of three judges (a president and 2 advisors). The court will have a quorum with the presence of two of the members.

2. These branches are located in Tehran, and all the related cases are referred to these branches by the first deputy of the Judicial Branch.

3. According to the discernment of the President of the Court, the sessions are public and can be broadcast by the media.

4. All the observable legal deadlines present in the criminal procedure, such as the notice and protestation are set with a maximum of five days.

5. Contents of the note of article 68 of the criminal laws regarding lawyers will be also applicable in the court.

6. When during proceedings, investigation flaws are revealed in the court, the court can primarily proceed with completion of the investigation.

7. All the charges applied to individuals and legal as well as military entities associated with the referred case, including the principle, partners and deputies are proceeded in one branch.


8. Any probation or commutation for convicts of economic corruption and disruptions is prohibited.

9. In all the cases of procedure for the aforementioned crimes, on the condition of the presence of enough reasons to discernment of the judge of the public prosecutor's office or the court, as agreed, temporary arrest, ending proceedings, and issuing the final sentence are done. The conclusion cannot be protested in other courts, any change in the final conclusion is applied by the court that previously proceeded the case.

10. Sentences issued by this court—except for capital punishment—are binding and irrevocable. Sentences of capital punishment, with a deadline of 10 days, can ask for reconsideration in the Supreme court.

11. Implementation regulations of this act is prepared and approved by the head of the Judicial Branch.

12. This act is valid for two years following the date of approval.

The verdict is upon you and May God’s peace and mercy be upon you

Sadegh Amoli Larijani

The following is the full text of the response by Ayatollah Khamenei:


In the Name of God

The proposal is hereby approved. The goal is that the punishment of convicts of economic corruptions be carried out urgently and justly. Please advise the courts to observe necessary meticulousness regarding designation of sentences.

 God’s peace and mercy be upon you.


Sayyed Ali Khamenei

August 11, 2018