May 17, 2019 16:33 Asia/Tehran
  •  Munich conference Chief proposes international peace conference

The chairman of the Munich Security Conference asked France, Britain, the United States, China and Russia to work together to form the international peace conference.

Iran Press/Europe: As the fears of an escalation in the Middle East grow, the head of the Munich security conference, Wolfgang Ischinger, has now proposed an international peace conference to avert the danger of war between Iran and the United States.

Ischinger has called on France, Britain, the United States, China and Russia to work together for an international peace conference to defuse the looming conflict between Iran and the United States, Iran Press reported.

The danger of an escalation, he values very highly: “There is a small spark or a military failure is sufficient, perhaps, already understanding, to bring the whole thing to explode."

Ischinger is not the first European official who has concerned over possibility of waging war between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the United States of America.

Earlier on May 13, Britain’s Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt warned about the risk of a conflict between the United States and Iran as a result of 'unintended escalation. “We are very worried about the risk of a conflict happening by accident with an escalation that is unintended,” Hunt said on Monday in Brussels, to which he has travelled for a European Union foreign ministers’ meeting.

Meanwhile, Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations says the Islamic Republic is not interested in escalating regional tensions but has the 'right to defend ourselves.'

According to Iran Press news agency, Takht-e Ravanchi says: “We are not interested in the escalation of tensions in our region. If something goes wrong, everyone loses.”

The Iranian diplomat also highlighted that Iran should always be prepared to defend it's territorial integrity and sovereignty.

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday trashed the Washington Post and the New York Times for reporting on alleged infighting within the White House over the administration’s policy in the Middle East. Furthermore, asked on Thursday whether the United States was going to war with Iran, Trump replied, “I hope not.”

In spite of that, Iran's ambassador to Britain wrote that there is a wide disagreement over Iran in the White House.105/203


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