May 16, 2019 11:59 Asia/Tehran
  • Sen. Kaine: Snap Iran war will be idiocy

Senator Tim Kaine said that It would be idiocy for the united states to get involved in another war in the middle east right now.

Iran Press/America: The chair of the Democratic National Committee tells CNN Christiane Amanpour that a President who criticized unnecessary wars in the Middle East is now "moving closer and closer to it."

He said the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal, the intensification of sanctions, exaggerated explanations about the deployment of the USS Abraham Lincoln roaming in the Persian Gulf and the overruling the diplomacy, threatens Washington with the risk of entry into the war, Iran Press reported.

The White House National Security Advisor John Bolton, recently threatened Iran with a quick strike and deployment of an aircraft carrier to the region, but in an apparent retreat from his rhetoric said, "We warn Tehran but we do not want to fight."

The White House's warmongering and threatening policies and actions have been met with a negative reaction from US officials as well as European governments.

However, officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran have consistently emphasized that any US warlike action will face a proportional response.213

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