Jan 07, 2019 15:43 Asia/Tehran

The former adviser of France defense minister said that the very important historic point of the force balance in the region is the fact that the US comes to the idea of withdrawing its forces from the whole Middle East not just from the Syria.

Iran Press/Europe: Responding to a question about US unilateral activities in the region, the former adviser of France defense minister, Allen Cruz added: "US President Donald Trump knows about changing the balance in the Middle East which was provoked by Russia. Iran is becoming a very important regional power and the problems in the region cannot be solved without Iran's participation."

"We are in the verge to see very big changes in the region and the main change is that the US is no longer the referent power in the Middle East." the former adviser of France defense minister added in an exclusive interview with Iran Press.

"With these changes, Iran is becoming more powerful than ever, that is why Trump may change its policy regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and Iran. Trump recognized the power of Iran, and he knows that his Arab allies are no longer strong because Saudi Arabia and Mohammad Bin Salman are in very bad positions in which we can see it in Yemen," the former adviser of France defense minister Allen Cruz stated.105/201


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