Nov 19, 2018 17:30 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 20, 2019 21:09 Asia/Tehran]

Iran's Supreme National Security Council Secretary said that some European countries' concordance with Trump Administration's policies would be tantamount to assisting the US, the Zionist regime and some reactionary regimes of the region in their crimes.

Iran press / Iran news:In a meeting with British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt, while pointing to the successive and humiliating defeat of the policies of the US and its allies in the region, Shamkhani criticized absence of appropriate cooperation of the European Union in terms of the US withdrawal from the international agreement of JCPOA and the violation of the United Nations Security Council resolution.

According to Iran Press, Shamkhani added, 'Nuclear negotiations and JCPOA concluded with EU hosting and efforts; its violation is also meant to violate the prestige, credibility and political status of the European Union by the United States.”

Shamkhani also said that the Islamic Republic of Iran on the basis of its national interests and responsibilities has taken the necessary decisions regarding the action and the possibility of returning to the pre-agreement terms with regard to the inaction of other parties.

The current level of economic relations between the two countries and facilitating banking relations is not satisfactory, he stressed.

British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt in the meeting pointed out the difficulties and obstacles by the American administration against the road to financial exchanges and banking relations after JCPOA and also stressed the necessity of following up and resolving the issues. 

He expressed satisfaction with the trip to the Islamic Republic of Iran and meeting with the high ranking officials, and said, 'Europe is willing to preserve the achievements of JCPOA and pursue ideas like establishing an independent financial exchange system from the US and the economy without the dollar and is in a joint effort to operate it.'

British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt met Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani on Monday and discussed the most important bilateral, regional and international issues under the interests of the two countries.105


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