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UK Parliament is unlikely to have a second binding vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal until February, Downing Street has said, playing down the significance of the motion that will be voted on next week.

Iran Press/Europe: British prime minister, Theresa May, faced hours of criticism on Monday from more than 100 lawmakers who questioned her leadership a week after Parliament decisively rejected her plan for leaving the European Union and mounted a failed effort to unseat her through a vote of no confidence, Guardian reported.

May’s Brexit deal was rejected by MPs with a margin of 230.
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May’s spokesman said the vote due to being held on 29 January was not 'a second meaningful vote' and the government’s motion would not spell out in detail the next stage of the prime minister’s plan to get a Brexit agreement through parliament.

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Instead, it is likely to be a vehicle for multiple solutions from backbench and opposition MPs, who will attempt to amend it. Downing Street said the prime minister would continue to hold talks with MPs across parties.

May struggled to bring new ideas to parliament with just two months to go until the March 29 deadline for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.

Parliament is set to vote on a new version of the deal on Jan. 29. May has time until then to resolve the obstacles that thwarted her earlier plan.

So far, lawmakers remain pessimistic.103/209/213

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