Jan 25, 2019 07:41 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 14, 2019 21:40 Asia/Tehran]
  • Venezuela to shut embassy, consulates in US

Maduro announced that the Venezuelan embassy and consulates are to be closed in the United States.

Iran Press/America:  Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, said that the country will close its embassy and all consulates in the United States.

Maduro also said that he has agreed on Demands raised by Mexico and Uruguay to hold dialogue with the oppositionists in order to find the solution for the country's recent political crisis, Iran Press reported.

The move came shortly after recognition of the head of Venezuela's opposition-led National Assembly, Juan Guido by the US as the country's interim president.

Nicolas Maduro said in a speech on Wednesday to supporters gathered outside the presidential headquarters in Caracas that he would give the entire diplomatic and consular personnel of the United States of America in Venezuela, 72 hours to leave the country.

 The US State Department on Thursday night expelled two Venezuelan diplomats after Caracas sent home two representatives of Washington, in form of a retaliatory response.


Meanwhile, the Venezuelan opposition leader on January 11 branded Maduro, 56, as an illegitimate 'usurper,' saying he was prepared to take on the South American country’s presidency on an interim basis and called for free elections, this is while Nicolas Maduro was sworn on January 10 for his second term as Venezuela's president.

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The incidents came after that following rumors of a military coup in Venezuela on Monday, Jan. 21, the Venezuelan government announced that the country is calm and the situation is under control.

The Venezuelan crisis has raised different reactions from the international community. Russia and Turkey have opposed US meddling in Venezuela's internal affairs.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghassemi, also condemned the US unlawful measure in this regards, hoping that any political disagreements in Venezuela will be resolved as soon as possible by the people and government of the country through the adoption of legal and peaceful solutions.

Furthermore, UN Chief Antonio Guterres on Thursday (Jan 24) appealed for dialogue to stop Venezuela's political crisis spiraling out of control.

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What we hope is that dialogue can be possible and that we avoid an escalation that would lead to the kind of conflict that would be a disaster for the people of Venezuela and for the region, he said at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Iran Press reported. 203/103

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