Jan 11, 2019 07:46 Asia/Tehran

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro took the oath of office, starting another six-year-term as president.

Iran Press/America: The inauguration of Nicholas Maduro's second presidential term was held on Thursday in Caracas.

The socialist successor to Hugo Chavez won for the second time in the Venezuelan presidential election in last May, Iran Press reported.

Maduro was sworn in by Venezuela's supreme court, cheered on by officials and flag-waving children.

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In his speech, Maduro castigated the European Union and accused Washington of waging an imperialist 'world war' against his nation, as he shrugged off criticism from Washington to begin his second term in office.

He also emphasized the legitimacy of his government and urged other Latin American countries to acknowledge his second term in office.

US National Security Adviser John Bolton said on Thursday the US will not recognize the 'illegitimate' inauguration.

Previously, US President Donald Trump had imposed economic sanctions on Maduro and members of his cabinet.  210/ 211/ 103

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