Protesters to new extradition bill in Hong Kong have gathered in front of police headquarters and blocked the roads.

Iran Press/ Asia: Hundreds of demonstrators have blocked roads surrounding the police headquarters in Hong Kong and are demanding the release of those detained after last week’s violent protest against a controversial extradition bill.

Crowds began gathering on Friday morning and moved to concentrate their forces around different government departments in the center of the city with the aim of disrupting official business after the authorities failed to respond to demands from student unions and anonymous social media groups, Financial times reported.

The groups had set a 5pm Thursday deadline for the government to drop charges against the protesters, retract their characterization of last Wednesday’s protest as riots and initiate an investigation into possible abuse of force by the police.

The controversial law would have allowed suspects in Hong Kong to be extradited to mainland China for the first time.

Protests on June 12 erupted into violence, with police using tear gas and rubber bullets against demonstrators in a rare show of police force in the city.

Police detained some protesters for illegal assembly and rioting, sparking concerns that further arrests could follow. 213/207

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