Nigerian security forces have attacked supporters of the imprisoned leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), preventing them from taking part in a peaceful march in Kaduna state in northern Nigeria.

Iran Press/Africa news: Nigerian security forces used tear gas canisters against the peaceful supporters of Sheikh Zakzaky, dispersing them and preventing a march and rally from going ahead in Kaduna state.

The use of violence and heavy-handed tactics against supporters of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky has become a common occurrence in Nigeria.

The leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) and his wife have been in prison since 13 December 2015, when the Nigerian Army attacked a Husseiniyeh in the town of Zaria in northern Nigeria, killing hundreds of members of the IMN, including three of Sheikh Zakzaky's sons. The Nigerian Army also attacked Sheikh Zakzaky's home on that day, arresting the Sheikh and his wife who have been in prison ever since.

In December 2016, Nigeria's Supreme court ruled that Sheikh Zakzaky should be released immediately, because there is no justification for his arrest, and ordered 150000 dollars to be paid to Sheikh Zakzaky and his family. The Nigerian Army has refused to obey the Supreme court ruling, and Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife remain behind bars to this day.

Those close to Sheikh Zakzaky say he has suffered a lot in prison, and are worried about his health and general well-being. Sheikh Zakzaky's physical condition has deteriorated in recent months.

The people of Nigeria have held numerous demonstrations and rallies in support of Sheikh Zakzaky in recent months, calling for his release from prison. However, Nigerian security forces have used heavy-handed tactics to break up and attack the protesters every time.


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