Mar 19, 2019 07:24 Asia/Tehran
  • Pakistani gov. allocated budget for tribal areas
    Pakistani gov. allocated budget for tribal areas

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that his government allocated Rs100bn for development of tribal districts of the country.

Iran Press/Asia: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan announced on Monday annual budget of Rs100 billion for next 10 years for the development of recently merged tribal areas, through a tweet.

He further added that a three-week consultative process has been initiated to formulate a 10-year development plan aimed at uplifting of erstwhile Fata region, Daily Times newspaper reported.

A few days before tweeting this, on March 15 rally in Bajour, Premier Imran Khan announced several developmental schemes and projects for tribal district Bajour. These plans include Rs2 Billion grant for interest-free youth entrepreneurship loans, installing solar system at as many as 300 mosques, and establishment of a university, small industrial zone, Barng Tunnel and 132Kv grid station thereby creating jobs for 8000 youths. 'Insaf health cards' will also be soon launched in Bajour and Mohmand.

Pakistan prime minister had said in his first televised speech in office on Aug. 20, 2018 that Pakistan is in the worst economic condition it has seen and pledged to cut government spending, end corruption and repatriate public funds.

He also announced that Pakistan-Afghan route will be reopened for business activities assured that mobile internet service will be restored in the area.


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