Feb 19, 2019 19:15 Asia/Tehran
  • Protest rally against Saudi Crown prince visit to India
    Protest rally against Saudi Crown prince visit to India

Kargil (IP) - Protesters gathered and marched in opposition to a visit by Saudi Crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman to India.

Iran Press/Asia: The rally started after noon prayers from 'Markazi Jamia' Mosque in Kargil in Jammu and Kashmir in Indian-administered Kashmir.

Protesters were chanting, 'Down with America Down with Israel Down with Al-Saoud and Go Back, Bin Salman'.


One of the protesters said: "Bin Salman should be asked to stop killing innocent Yemeni people mostly women and children."
Protesters strongly condemned Bin Salman's visit to the land of peace, India, and reminded Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi of the main sponsor of the Jaish-e-Mohammed militant group who brutally killed around 40 Indian Army personnel at Pulwama Kashmir.

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Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman arrived in India on Tuesday after visiting Pakistan.

New Delhi blames Islamabad for a suicide bombing last week that killed at least 40 Indian soldiers in disputed Kashmir region.


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