Oct 11, 2018 08:36 Asia/Tehran
  • Asian Para Games 2018: Iran bags two gold medals on the fifth day of the games

Iranian para athletes have gained two more gold medals at the start of the fifth day of the Asian Para Games.

Asia/ According to an Iran Press report, Iran's mixed recro archery team on Thursday, made up of two archers, GholamReza Rahimi and Zahra Ne'mati, came up against a Japanese team in the final. The skilled Iranian team managed to beat Japan 6 - 0, winning the gold medal of the competition.

China won the bronze medal of the archery competition by beating South Korea. 

In track and field events, in the final of the 400 m run, Iran's Omid Zarif Sanaye' managed to beat all his fellow competitors, crossing the finish line to bag a gold medal with a time of 51.407 seconds.

Iranian Para Athletes have so far collected a very respectable 33 gold medals, 23 silver and 29 bronze medals, standing third in the overall medal rankings, winning a total of 85 medals altogether.

The 2018 Asian Para Games are being held from October 6th to 13th at the Bung Karno Sports Complex in the capital city of Jakarta, Indonesia.

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