Aug 08, 2018 15:44 Asia/Tehran

 As Duque was sworn into the presidential palace, concerned citizens took to the streets to express discontent over the country’s current situation.

Iran press/ America:  Thousands of protesters peacefully marched in Colombia against the surge in activist deaths in the country – and the inauguration of President Ivan Duque.

The main protest was in Bogota where thousands called for an end to the violence the Andean Nation is experiencing.

In Medellin thousands of people took to the streets, with students wearing pig masks to mock the new president – an idea originating from a newspaper cartoonist.

Local media reported there were far more protesters in the city of Cali, with newspaper El pais estimating that  over 16000 people were on the streets.

Protests were also seen in the cities of Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, Cartagena and Santa Marta.

Protestors in Medellin chanted in support of the leftist opponent who was beaten by Duque in July’s election while others shouted insults about the new president.

Demonstrations were also seen outside of Colombia, including in Miami, New York City and Valencia in Spain.

People gathered yesterday in Colombia’s parks to light candles as a mark of respect for those who have been killed.

The “March for Life” protests were a call for action over the surge in activist deaths in the country.

Since 2016 – the year the historic peace deal was signed – over 311 social leaders have been murdered.

The government is yet express a strategy for dealing with the violence.

Since the start of this year to July, over 123 social leaders have been murdered.

The United Nations has urged the Colombian authorities to do more to help activists, who are often targeted in lawless, rural parts of the country.


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