May 16, 2018 19:31 Asia/Tehran
  • Most of Americans believe Trump does not deserve Nobel Peace Prize

A majority of Americans believe US President Donald Trump does not deserve receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, according to a new poll.

The Politico /Morning Consult poll released on Wednesday found that just 24 percent of registered voters said Trump deserves the award, compared to 61 percent who said he does not.

Among Democratic Party voters, only 5 percent said that Trump deserves the peace prize, compared to 87 percent who said he does not. 

Half of Republicans, on the other hand, said Trump deserves the award, while 32 percent said he does not.

Independent voters fell closer to Democrats in their perceptions of whether Trump deserves the prize, with only 19 percent saying he does and 61 percent saying he does not.

Trump said last week that "everyone thinks" he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. His comments came after South Korea’s president, Moon Jae-in suggested Trump should win the prize for his North Korea diplomacy and the containment of tensions on the Korean peninsula.

A number of GOP officials have also suggested in recent months that Trump should receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to rein in North Korea's nuclear program. 

Trump's closest Republican allies in Congress nominated him for this year’s Nobel peace prize, giving him credit for pressuring North Korea into accepting a possible denuclearization agreement.

Should he win the award, Trump will be the fifth American president bestowed with the honor after former Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama.

Obama received the award despite being the only US president to serve two complete terms with his country at war.

Critics say Trump does not deserve the prize either, as he has so far scrapped the Iran nuclear deal despite global condemnation, stepped up unauthorized US military interventions in Syria, Afghanistan and a number of African countries. He has also threatened North Korea with nuclear attack.