May 15, 2018 20:44 Asia/Tehran
  • U.S. imposes new sanctions on Iran

The U.S. Treasury on Tuesday imposed sanctions on the governor and accused a senior official of the Central Bank of Iran.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin claimed Valiollah Seif, Iran's central bank chief, funneled millions of dollars on behalf of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps through the Iraqi bank to support Hezbollah. 

U.S. President Donald Trump announced on May 8 America's withdrawal from the nuclear deal, and re-imposition of the highest level of sanctions and other economic penalties on Iran.

US sanctions prevent American companies from doing business with Iran, and the  has said it plans to enforce "secondary sanctions" that could ensnare European and global companies.

Tehran has reiterated that it will remain in the JCPOA for now, pending negotiations with the other signatories in the coming weeks before making a final decision on its future role in the pact.

The Iranian administration once again emphasized that no part of the nuclear deal, which is the outcome of over a decade of negotiations, is up for negotiation.

The JCPOA came out of years of negotiations between Iran on one side and six world powers, namely the US, Russia, China, Germany, France and Britain, on the other, in July 2015.

Other signatories to the deal, as well as the United Nations and the EU had warned Washington against any bid to sabotage it. They call the JCPOA a pillar of regional and international peace and stability, and reiterate the multilateral pact cannot be simply terminated by a single party.