Nov 04, 2018 13:44 Asia/Tehran
  • Nigerian Army destroys terrorist bases in Niger border

The Nigerian army destroyed several bases of terrorist groups in Niger-Burkina Faso border.

Africa: According to an Iran Press report, the Nigerian interior ministry said in statement on Saturday, the country's army has destroyed several terrorist bases in Niger-Burkina Faso border.

According to the statement, Nigerian army cleared the area with the deployment of its forces and surround the border forest which was a safe haven for terrorists.

According to the Nigerian officials, the operation is still on-going.

Nigerian army has carried out extensive operations to deal with terrorist groups in "Torodi" area at Burkina Faso border in the past few months.

In recent years, terrorist groups have intensified their activities in West Africa including Niger, Nigeria and Burkina Faso.

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Experts believe that intervention of Western countries and performance of some African authorities to secure the interests and demands of the West, a lack of political and economic infrastructure and ethnic and tribal differences in many African countries are the main cause of the rising of terrorist activities in Africa.


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