Sep 09, 2018 12:50 Asia/Tehran
  • Human right defenders in Kenya worry about police treatment of immigrants

In an attempt to implement anti-immigration policies in Kenya, the police have been accused of committing unlawful anti-immigrant acts.

Iran Press/ Africa- Human rights defenders in Kenya are concerned about inhuman and extreme actions of  police officers, vis-a-vis illegal immigrants, according to RFI.

The new policies adopted by the Kenyan government have led to widespread fear and desperation  among illegal immigrants in the country.

According to the report, South Sudanese nationals make up the majority of illegal immigrants in Kenya.
More than 200 South Sudanese migrants were arrested in August 2018, according to government figures.

Kenya's anti-immigrant policies against South Sudanese citizens have led to a diplomatic row between Nairobi and Juba.

The Kenyan government is adamant that it won't back down from its current  anti-immigrant stance.

Since last August, the Kenyan government has been cracking down on illegal immigrants.