Tehran (IP) - Alireza Zakani presented his economic programs at the 14th Iranian presidential election, saying he would act based on the constitution and fairly distribute subsidies among the people.

Iran PressIran news: Alireza Zakani emphasized the following as his plan for the economic development of the country: 

- Paying golden subsidy to the people out of energy resources in the form of gold credit;

- Ending energy smuggling and environmental destruction; 

- House construction and facilitation of house renting;

- Free health care;

- Importing cars;

- Ensuring Food security

- Protection of people's privacy in cyberspace and support for online businesses;

- Facilitation of housing;

- Organizing the payment system for the retired, soldiers; nurses, etc.;

- Sharing factories's stocks and benefits with workers;

- Ensuring job security for the people; 

- Facilitation of marriage and child-bearing;

- Every house a factory;

As with the measures to fulfill the people's expectations from the administration, Zakani mentioned the following points:

- Fighting corruption and expelling corrupters from the national economy;

- Protecting people's security and rights;

- Allocating employment packages;

- Allocating electric cars to all people;

- Strengthening the country's rail system with fast trains;

- Economic interactions with neighboring countries;

- Stopping crude selling and relying on domestic knowledge-based companies;

- Administrative officials' efficacy and their emphasis on people;

- Putting the exhausted management aside; 

- Stopping non-expert works and destruction of people's rights;

- Not trusting in enemies, and relying on the Iranian nation's capabilities;

- Making administration agile;

- Assigning the local management to the people;

- Preventing dollar fluctuations' strengthening the power of national currency; 

- Empowering the stock market and fighting baking corruption;