The sun sets on Capitol Hill. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)

According to the projections of the American media on Wednesday, Republicans have won back control of the US House with a narrow majority, dealing a blow to President Biden and his agenda — even as Democrats defied predictions of a rout to limit the GOP’s power.

Iran PressAmerica: Republicans needed to flip at least five seats to retake the House and fulfilled that goal with little room to spare after a campaign in which they sought to harness dismay at inflation, crime and the direction of the country. Their gains fell well short of the red wave they once envisioned, as Democrats countered with campaigns centered on abortion rights and fighting GOP extremism.

Democrats’ show of strength enabled them to hold onto the Senate and come up just short of a historic upset in the House, creating a split Congress that left Republicans in both chambers battling over who is to blame and who should lead the party forward. Still, a coming shift in power — which in January will end two years of unified Democratic control in Washington — is sure to complicate the second half of Biden’s term, as Republicans gain the ability to launch investigations and block legislation, The Washington Post reported.

The decisive win came eight days after Election Day in California’s 27th Congressional District, where Rep. Mike Garcia (R) fended off Democratic challenger Christy Smith, clinching the 218th seat for the GOP. Biden carried the area easily in 2020, boosting Democratic hopes to flip the seat. But Smith, a former state lawmaker, lost to Garcia, a former Navy pilot, in two matchups in 2020 — a special election as well as a general election several months later.


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