Tehran (IP) - One day after the US draft of an anti-Yemeni resolution was approved in the UNSC to condemn what was called the Yemenis' attack on vessels in the Red Sea, Washington began a new adventure in the region and targeted points in Yemen.

Iran PressCommentary: The UNSC adopted the anti-Yemeni resolution 2722 on Thursday regardless of the root of the tensions in the region and the White House's support for the Israeli regime's bombardment of Gaza, with 11 votes for, out of 15. 

So, it was predictable that the US and its ever partner the UK prepare the grounds for carrying out attacks on Yemen.

Nevertheless, in response to today's US and UK aggression on Yemen, the Yemeni National Army hit the US and UK targets in the Red Sea. The response came and the world's oil price witnessed a 2.5 percent hike.  

The US' new attacks on Yemen under the excuse of Ansraullah's targeting the Israeli vessels in the Red Sea, came as the Yemenis have repeatedly emphasized that they only target either the Israeli ships or ships that move towards occupied Palestinian ports to help the Israeli regime in order to stop the regime's war on Gaza.

Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the US and UK's attack on the Yemeni soli an arbitrary act and overt violation of Yemen's sovereignty and territorial integrity. 

From Iran's view, the attack on Yemen was carried out in line with the continued support of the US and the West for the Israeli regime's war crimes against the Palestinian nation and the complete blockade of Gaza.

Given the negative consequences of the US and its allies' aggression in the region, especially Afghanistan and Iraq, the Islamic Republic believes that the arbitrary attacks on Yemen will only lead to the escalation of insecurity and instability in the region.

The US and the UK are, in fact, trying to divert the attention of the world's people from the crimes of the Israeli regime against the Palestinian people by expanding their support for the regime. Therefore, the Islamic Republic has expressed concerns since the beginning of the Israeli regime's new round of war on Gaza on October 7 and urged time and again the international community to prevent the expansion of war and insecurity across the region.  

Yet, the US and its fellow the UK appear to have not learned their lessons from their pointless aggressions in the region's countries during the past years and made another stupid mistake which would be to the detriment of not only themselves but the region. 

To end the old crisis, it seems essential that international entities pursue the reestablishment of the independent country of 'Palestine' with al-Quds as capital, by preparing the grounds for the Palestinian people to determine their fate through polls.

By Ali Mohammadi


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