The Worldmeters news website reported that the number of victims of the Coronavirus in the United States has increased to more than 955,000.

Iran PressAmerica: The number of people infected with the coronavirus in the United States has reached 79,915,734, of whom 955,497 have died, the Worldmeters news website reported Friday morning.

More than 2,600 Americans are dying from Covid-19 each day, an alarming rate that has climbed by 30 percent in the past two weeks. Across the United States, the coronavirus pandemic has now claimed more than 955,000 lives.

US President Joe Biden's inability to control the pandemic, as well as to provide medical and hospital equipment for the treatment and prevention of Covid-19, has caused him a wave of criticism inside the country these days.

The Omicron surge has brought with it an especially potent and fast-moving wave of death across the United States. The country’s per capita death rate still exceeds those of other wealthy nations, a reflection of widespread resistance to vaccines and boosters in the United States.  219