US cannot stop Iranian nation through food, medicine sanction: President

Tehran (IP) - Iran's president said the US imagined that the sanctions would break the resistance of the Iranian nation and cause trouble to them, but over time, the analysis went far from the truth and became ineffective.

Iran PressIran News: Talking with the Head of Iran's Central Bank (CBI) Abdul Naser Hemmati on Friday, the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the actions of the US government are in the context of propaganda-political efforts with their own internal goals.

Rouhani pointed out that the US repeats its strategic mistakes every time, a new example of which was trying to activate the snapback mechanism. 

"All countries see that these actions of the United States are completely against international law and amid the coronavirus outbreak these actions of Washington are completely inhumane, and human rights claimants in the world must condemn them," he stressed.

The head of CBI for his part said the US creates serious obstacles for Iran in the transfer of currency for supplying medicine and food, but with the efforts of the Central Bank and businessmen along with using special methods, there was no shortage.


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