The UAE Atomic Energy Organization said that fuel loading is completed at the Barakah nuclear power plant and is to test the plant to begin its final operation.

Iran PressMiddle East: The UAE Atomic Energy Organization claimed on Tuesday that the loading of nuclear fuel in the reactor of the Barakah power plant has been completed for peaceful purposes.

The Barakah nuclear reactor is one of four UAE nuclear reactors located near Abu Dhabi.

According to the report, the South Korean Nuclear Water and Energy Authority have signed a research and development memorandum with the UAE Nuclear Energy Organization, according to which the two sides will work on research and development of nuclear power plant equipment, chemicals, and other items over the next three years.  

The construction of the Barakah nuclear power plant began in 2012 in a consortium managed by the South Korean company Capco.

The UAE will spend a total of $ 40 billion to build the four nuclear reactors and their maintenance service. 219