Lahore (IP)- The official in charge of holding a special Iranian trade fair in Lahore, Pakistan, said that holding trade fairs, with the participation of manufacturing and export companies, is of great importance in deepening the two countries' relations.

Iran PressAsia: "Holding an Iranian trade fair in Lahore provides an opportunity for manufacturing companies to get acquainted with the conditions and realities of the Pakistani market," Ali Khaksar told Iran Press correspondent.

The Special Trade Fair of the Islamic Republic of Iran opened in Lahore, Pakistan on Tuesday evening with the aim of introducing Iranian goods and has been well received by Pakistanis.

The Pakistan-Iran Business Exhibition 2022 kicked off on Tuesday in Pakistan's Lahore for three days.

Khaksar stressed that manufacturing and export companies could be the driving force behind the development of Iran-Pakistan relations and that this would start with the private sector first and then other sectors could enter economic relations with the support of the private sector.

He has noted that trade fairs are a good opportunity for both sides to assess the needs of consumers and to monitor the market situation of the host country to attend.

The official in charge of holding a special Iranian trade fair in Lahore has added that it is essential that trade fairs continue, as there are tens of thousands of manufacturing companies in Iran, many of which have not yet been present in the Pakistani market.


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