Tehran (IP) - The Judiciary Spokesman clarified the latest status of the plaintiffs on the Ukrainian plane crash.

Iran PressIran news: In his weekly press conference, Zabihullah Khodaeian stated on Tuesday that the case Ukrainian plane crash was heard in the prosecutor's office and sent to the court.

In response to Iran Press News Agency on the Ukrainian Plane Crash, Khodaeian noted: some hearings were held in the presence of the plaintiffs.

Because there were shortcomings in the case, the president of the court returned the case to the prosecutor's office, mentioning the shortcomings, so that after the defect is eliminated, we will send it to the court and continue the investigation, for example, one of the defects was that the expert theory should be communicated to the plaintiffs."  

Khodaeian also reported that the Canadian government had not yet filed a lawsuit.

The Ukrainian airliner was shot down shortly after taking off from Tehran’s Imam Khomeini airport on January 8, killing all 167 passengers and nine crew members.

On January 11, the Armed Forces General Staff released a statement saying the plane was mistakenly downed near the airport. The airplane had been mistaken for an invading missile.

Despite political differences, experts from the US, France, and the UK appreciated Iran's technical report on the Ukrainian plane crash and considered the report as a professional one.


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