Tehran (IP) - The Managing Director of Tehran's Urban and Suburban Railway Operation Company announced the use of artificial intelligence in its operating system to manage smart social distancing amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Iran Press/Iran news: Farnoush Nobakht said on Monday that the outbreak of the coronavirus has made businesses face critical conditions amid the COVID-19 pandemic, especially public transportation (metro).

To implement social distancing and curb the outbreak, he said, an artificial intelligence system was designed that simultaneously collects information about the entrance and exit gates.

Nobakht pointed out that by using artificial intelligence-based forecasting capabilities to adapt the train time tables in terms of the capacity of the wagons and managing the passengers' visits to the stations, it is possible to plan for sending trains to crowded stations in a short period of time.

He explained further that the plan would also help to address the oversupply of travelers during rush hour or occasional events or critical situations such as the days of coronavirus and to implement the social distancing declared by the World Health Organization.

Tehran and suburbs metro fleet is active in seven lines and 128 stations.


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