Tehran (IP)-Iran's Parliament Speaker stated that Iran's Parliament actively participated in nuclear negotiations and saved the country from any bullying by enacting Parliament's Strategic Action law.

Iran PressIran news: In his pre-agenda speech, Mohammad-bagher Ghalibaf on Dec.3, 2023, said that parliament actively intervened in nuclear negotiations as the most important issue of the country's foreign policy, instead of waiting for what happened.

Ghalibaf pointed out that Imam Khamenei considered some of the bills that have been approved by the current parliament as strategic. "The Strategic Action Plan to lift sanctions was a fundamental resolution that saved the country from a state of quandary about the nuclear issue. 

Mohammad-bagher Ghalibaf said: In describing the characteristics and performance of the 11th Parliament, the Leader of the Revolution stated, "After three years, I still consider this parliament to be revolutionary, young and dynamic. Of course, this is a general view that does not take into account the exceptions that may exist in the parliament."

He stressed that when the parliament felt that the enemy was not going to carry out many of its obligations, it enacted a law, that prevented any unilateral commitments.

 Ghalibaf noted that the main thing that was used as a bargaining tool for the Iranian side in the Vienna negotiations, is the results of the implementation of Parliament's Strategic Action law.


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