Tehran(IP)- Martyr Ali Sayad Shirazi was one of the commanders of the army of the Islamic Republic of Iran who, guarded the country for several years in various parts of the army, especially in the west of the country. Lieutenant General Sayad Shirazi was finally martyred in 1999.

Iran PressIran News: In a conference reviewing the personality of this high-ranking martyr, which was held on Tuesday at the National Defense University, Abdul Ali Pourshasab, the deputy of the Holy Defense Science and Education Research Institute, presented a summary of the research on the personality of Martyr Sayad Shirazi.

He said: Basij was derived from the spirit of faith and sacrifice in the thought of Martyr Sayad.

Martyr Sayad emphasized unity and made significant efforts in this regard. According to his belief, faith, piety, and obedience to the leader are effective factors in creating unity.

Amir Pourshasab added: The formation of the Karbala joint operational base was one of the measures taken by Martyr Sayad, which investigated the factors and reasons for victories and defeats.

He added: From the point of view of Martyr Sayad, the military doctrine of each government represents the battle strategy of that government at every stage, while the governments of the world are highly dependent on the West and the East, and lack an independent military doctrine.

In the continuation of this conference, Martyr Sayad friends and Mehdi Sayad Shirazi, his son, expressed their memories on outstanding personality traits of the martyr.

At the end, the family of Martyr Sayad Shirazi was honored in the presence of the supreme advisor of the Supreme Commander, Major General Seyed Yahya Rahim Safavi.


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