Rome (IP) - The Italians expressed their anger and disgust at the continuation of the crimes of the child-killing Israeli regime in the Gaza Strip.

Iran PressEurope: Hundreds of people in Rome, the capital of Italy, gathered in the center of the city on Monday night to commemorate the memory of thousands of children martyred in Gaza.

In this gathering of the supporters of Palestine and the people of Italy, children wrapped in shrouds and covered in blood were symbolically exposed to the public.

In an interview with an Iran Press correspondent in Rome, an Italian pro-Palestinian activist, condemned the crimes committed by the Zionist regime in Gaza and said: "Killing of thousands of innocent children in Gaza is truly unbelievable."

The Italian female citizen added: We Italians must participate in this kind of gathering because we all have a responsibility to prevent the painful tragedy of infanticide in Palestine.

The Italian female pro-Palestinian activist said: Therefore, all Italians should listen to the voice of their conscience and stand with the Palestinian people.

"While Palestinian children are being massacred in Gaza, Western human rights advocates and supporters of Israel are still deathly silent," the message of the rally was sent to the world.

Yousuf Salman, head of the community of Palestinians living in Rome and Lazio, also called Israel "a criminal occupier" and added: "Killing children means killing humanity. We gathered here to say that Palestinian children have the right to life, and play, like other children in the world, and should not be killed under Israeli bombardment.

"The speakers at the rally also supported Hamas and considered defense against the attacks and occupation of the Zionist regime to be the inalienable right of the Palestinian people.


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