Gaza (IP) – Palestinian political analyst says the resumption of relations between Hamas and Syria benefits the Resistance Front.

Iran PressMiddle East: In an interview with the Iran Press reporter in Gaza, Mustafa al-Sawaf stressed the necessity of resuming relations between Hamas and Syria and stated that the current conditions require the resumption of ties between Hamas and Damascus, and this should be seriously considered.

He noted that the restoration of Hamas' relations with Syria had been discussed in recent years, and recently, after the formation of alignments in the region to weaken the Palestinian resistance, the restoration of relations with Syria has been pursued.

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He pointed out that the interests of the Palestinian nation are at the top of other priorities and interests, and now the interests of this nation require the restoration of relations between Hamas and Syria, and there is no prohibition for resistance in Syria.

Previously, the Hamas political office member, Khalil al-Hayya, announced internal talks between Hamas members inside and outside to revive the relations between Hamas and Syria.

The Egyptian newspaper Al-Shorouk also wrote on Saturday that coordination between Hamas and Syria had been done, and it has been agreed that Hamas would be on Syria's side in a regional war.


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