The Iranian President and his Syrian counterpart discussed the latest situation in Gaza and termed the power of resistance as the determining factor in the final situation of Gaza; meanwhile, Iran's President added that the Riaydh meeting must achieve immediate cessation of Israeli atrocities in Gaza.

Iran PressWest Asia: On the sideline of the joint meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League in the Saudi capital city of Riyadh on Saturday, Raisi and al-Assad reviewed the latest developments in occupied Palestinian territories.

The two presidents stressed the need to accelerate the provision of all immediate aid in parallel with the Arab and Islamic countries exercising all means of pressure to force the Israeli entity to stop its massacres and aggression.

Emphasizing the need to make an operational and executive decision on the Gaza issue, the two sides urged the immediate ending of the bombing of residential areas, lifting the blockade of Gaza, and developing relief to the people of this region as three main demands about Gaza that Riyadh meeting is expected to be able to achieve these goals.

President Raisi highlighted relief and humanitarian aid to the oppressed people of Gaza as one of the issues stressed by the parties during the meeting. 219

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