President Rouhani in Sunday cabinet meeting

Iranian President during the cabinet meeting stressed that protest is people’s right, but protest is different from anarchy.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking at a cabinet session, President Rouhani on Sunday referred to the incidents in the last 3 days and said, “The government’s goal by the aid scheme is helping the middle-class and lower-income households”, reported Iran press.

Hassan Rouhani said, “To do this, we have no more than three ways; we must either increase taxes, export more oil, or decrease subsidies and return them back to the needy.”

“Our oil sales are facing limitations, and if we did not face any limitations, oil money is not appropriate for this kind of use. In the year 1390 (in the Iranian calendar 8 years ago), we had an income of $110 billion, but the conditions are different today,” he said.

The president added, "We cannot raise taxes too much, because, in the current economic conditions of the society, the taxes should be balanced".

Stating that for months, we had been discussing how we could support the lower-income classes until conditions improve, he said, "In this government, we have worked hard to increase petrol production."

"In the year 1392 (in the Iranian calendar 6 years ago), petrol produced in the country was 56 million liters per day, compared to 107 million in 1398 (2019), and we became self-sufficient in petrol. We used to spend billions of dollars to import petrol in addition to certain problems in buying and importing petrol,” he continued.

Referring to the increase in petrol consumption in the country, Rouhani added, "Fuel consumption has increased last year and earlier this year and grew by an average of 9.7%, and our daily consumption was 97 million litters this year. If this trend continues, we will be importing petrol in the year 1400 (2020) again."


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