Tehran (IP) - Iran's President expressed hope that the re-election of Putin as Russia's president would strengthen constructive cooperation between the two countries in different areas.

Iran Press/Iran News: Congratulating the re-election of Putin as Russian President, the Islamic Republic's President Ebrahima Raisi told his Russian counterpart in a telephone conversation on Tuesday, that the presence of Iran and Russia in the regional and international mechanisms namely Shanghai Cooperation Organization and BRICS could lead to the improvement of Iran-Russia cooperation including their economic ties.

Raisi highlighted the issue of Palestine and the ongoing Israeli regime's war on Gaza and stressed effective international actions to stop the regime's criminal attacks on Gaza, lift the blockade on the strip, and provide massive relief to the people of the area. 

With regard to the developments of the Caucasus region, the Iranian president called the developments critical in the southern Caucasus and announced Iran's readiness to maintain the stability of the region and the strategic interests of Iran.  Putin, for his part, congratulated the arrival of Ramadan month and the Iranian new year, pointed to the imminent finalization of the draft comprehensive cooperation agreement between Iran and Russia, and said: 

"The successful meeting of Iran-Russia joint commission for economic cooperation in Tehran, as well as the 77% growth in goods trade between Iran and Russia, are positive signs of the improvement of Tehran-Moscow cooperation."

Vladimir Putin also said Iran and Russia have similar positions with regard to the Palestinian issue and the Israeli war on Gaza, noting that Russia is ready to cooperate more effectively with Iran in this field.

So far, from the beginning of the all-out war against Gaza on October 7, more than 31,700 people have been martyred and over 73,000 others have been wounded.

People in Gaza are simultaneously coping with both the Israeli strikes and the famine emerging out of the regime's war on Gaza. 204