Tehran (IP) - The spokesman of Iran's parliament Industry and Mine Commission said that the commission pursues a comprehensive production plan based on a Leader's emphasis on the role of creativity and action inside the country in decreasing the impact of sanctions.

Iran Press/Iran News: Highlighting the role of the Industry and Mine Commission in various fields such as mine, technology, ICT, petrochemical industries, and aerospace industries, in an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Hojjatullah Firoozi pointed to the car manufacturing process which expert groups are formed to evaluate the quality, manage supply and demand chain, and focus on pricing.

Firoozi stated that scientific actions have been taken in the field of petrochemical industries, which are valuable and widespread, as well.

Still, he exampled knowledge-based companies that have the main role in the country's independence and with the valuable steps have been taken.

Firoozi referred to the Leader's remarks regarding that mines can be effective if they are considered as an alternative source for oil, and stated the Mine and Industry commission has done numerous activities in this regard.

Since one of the main needs of the producers is having financial sources, the commissions in the parliament try to lead the financial sources of the country toward production, he concluded.


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