IP - “Hundreds of thousands of Zionists have imposed themselves on the Palestinian people. It is a stupid folly. We have been the owners of this land for thousands of years.” Osama Hamdan, a senior Hamas official said in a news conference.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Osama Hamdan held a news conference shortly after one given by the Israeli and American defense chiefs.

He played a video showing Hamas fighters targeting Israeli troops behind a tank with a rocket-propelled grenade. It also showed disabled Israeli military bulldozers being towed away through Gaza.

“These are the invaders the sands of Gaza will swallow,” Hamdan told reporters in Beirut.

“We are asking what experience the American secretary of defense is sharing with Israel? Are we talking about the victories in Vietnam? Or their victory in Afghanistan after 20 years? The only experience to be shared is killing women and children, and destroying hospitals, houses and schools.” 

The senior Hamas official denounced Israel’s “colonization” saying the occupation and continuous wars on the Palestinian people are “the reason for everything that is happening”.

“Our people will stay on their land because they are the rightful owners. The displacement of people is the culture of this entity [Israel] that was formed by importing people from all around the world. Planting them in a land that doesn’t belong to them,” said Hamdan.