Palestinian news sources reported on Saturday night that a 15-year-old Palestinian teenager was shot by Israeli forces in the north of Hebron (West Bank).

Iran PressMiddle East: This Palestinian teenager, whose name was Milad Munzer al-Ra'i, was martyred as a result of the severity of the injuries caused by the Israeli forces shooting.

He was a resident of al-Arub camp in the north of Hebron.

A few hours ago, the Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed that a teenager was transferred to the Al-Imamah hospital in al-Arub camp due to the severity of the injury.

Last week, four Palestinian youths were martyred by the Zionists in different areas.

Every day, under various pretexts, the Zionist regime forces attack the oppressed Palestinian people, make them martyrs, or injure and detain them; the Palestinians also carry out anti-Zionist operations in response to these crimes. 219