The parliament of Oman has voted on a draft amendment to broaden a law prohibiting relations and contacts with Israeli regime.

 Iran PressMiddle East: Oman’s parliament has voted on a draft amendment to expand a law banning relations and contacts with Israel, as the Israeli regime faces growing challenges to its hopes of integrating into the region two years after the US brokered normalization deals between the regime and four Arab countries.

The 86-member Majlis al-Shura, or Consultative Assembly, voted to include any sports, cultural, or economic contact for private and public figures in the first clause of its "Israel" boycott law. The amendment also specifically bans in-person or online interaction with Israeli settlers.

Assembly Vice-President Yaaqoub al-Harethi said the amendment, proposed by several legislators, will "expand the criminalization and boycott of the Zionist entity," according to the Omani WAF news agency. The amendment will now be debated by the Majlis legislative committee before a final vote.

Omani law already prohibits citizens from contacting individuals or entities based in "Israel" for any reason, whether directly or through a third party.

Muscat officially supports the Arab League's position that any diplomatic relations with the Israeli occupation must be contingent on the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. 219