Tehran (IP)- Iran's Judiciary Spokesman says that there is no ban on Iranians living abroad to enter Iran.

Iran PressIran news: Responding to Iran Press on the measures taken to let in the Iranians who intend to enter the country, Zabihullah Khodaeian stated that equal rights had been allocated to Iranians all whether at home or abroad, so anyone who wants to enter the country, is warmly welcomed.

Speaking at his press conference held on Tuesday, Khodaian noted: "All judiciary staff as the judiciary chief ordered, are duty-bound to facilitate the investment of abroad Iranians who are eager to enter the country and invest, stressing all grounds are prepared for Iranian abroad investment in the country."

Soon a judicial system would be launched to answer judicial and legal questions by Iranians whether they are abroad or at home, he added.

He continued: "Those who are incertitude whether they committed crimes or not can ask the consulate of the country they live in to be assured."

Iran's Judiciary Spokesman said, as the President emphasized, Iranians aboard can enter the country and invest without any ban on them.

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