Abuja (IP) - The head of Souls Ministry Churches of Nigeria, has hailed the Islamic Republic of Iran for being the highest supporter of Palestine as a service to humanity.

Iran PressAfrica: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Methosoala Ndoma, a Christian leader and also a human rights activist in the West African country says despite Iran being a Muslim country, other citizens who practice different religions such as Christianity are also given equal rights and treated well, the same way as their fellow Muslim citizens.

"As a matter of fact, if you look at it, Iran is a country ruled by a Muslim leader. And if you check properly, it is also a land where Christians living in Iran have equal rights with all the Muslim ummah. Iran is the only Muslim country the Christians have equal rights to live like others and are not being maltreated," says Methosoala Ndoma.

The head of Souls Ministry Churches of Nigeria further praises Iran for helping all Palestinians without differentiating between Christians and Muslims.

The Christian leader added that Iran's service to humanity in Palestine is the reason it finds the Israeli terrorism in Gaza so painful.

"The Christian community, the leaders who are Christians should come to terms with telling the world that what we need now is peace. We don't want to fight. The battle should be stopped. The killings should stop. Everything happening over there in Gaza should stop," Methosoala Ndoma reiterated.


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