An Italian newspaper reported that NATO warned its members about the Russian submarine mission in the Arctic, which is equipped with a nuclear super torpedo named Poseidon.

Iran Press/Europe: The special operation was launched in February 2022 following the failure of negotiations with Kyiv and NATO about Russia's security red lines. The operation aims at achieving what diplomacy could not: the neutralization of Ukraine as a base from which NATO forces would be able to attack Russia and the elimination of the neo-Nazi threat against Russians in the region.

The Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica stated that the intelligence service of the North Atlantic Alliance, expresses fears that the Russian authorities may approve the launch of the Poseidon nuclear super-torpedo against the backdrop of the aggravation of the Ukrainian crisis.

Recall that in NATO, the Russian Poseidon torpedoes are referred to only as the “weapon of the Apocalypse.”

According to informed NATO sources, Russia may conduct test launches of these missiles equipped with nuclear warheads from the Belgorod nuclear submarine in the Kara Sea.

“US satellites with infrared sensors will not be able to fix the launch of the Poseidon, as the super torpedo was designed to emit very little heat and move silently at speeds of more than 100 km / h,” the newspaper writes. 219

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