Tehran (IP) - The people of Tehran, along with the rest of the country, are protesting after the Friday prayers in condemning the disruptive actions of some rioters in the sacrilege of the Islamic sanctities, desecrating women's hijab, and destroying public places.

Iran PressIran news: The protestors are chanting: "Death to hypocrites", Allah is the greatest.  

While a large number of Iranian people were affected by the death of Mehsa Amini and are waiting for the announcement of the results of the forensic investigation, some protest rallies were held in some cities, including Tehran, and damages were caused to public property.

Rioters attacked public and private property and security guards on the pretext of Mehsa Amini's death last night in Tehran and several Iranian cities.

In these riots, rescue vehicles, ambulances, and fire engines were not spared from the rioters' attack, so far, several medical technicians and rescue workers have been injured and hospitalized, and 61 ambulances were also destroyed.

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According to Alireza Zakani, the mayor of Tehran, 23 fire engines were damaged, and one fire engine was burned in recent days.

Zakani said: "In these riots, 43 buses and 54 stations were destroyed under the pretext of protest."

Also, a number of police officers who had taken action to prevent the destruction of public property were martyred by rioters.

In Tehran, some rioters ran over a police officer with a car, and in another inhuman act, a police officer was set on fire by the rioters.

Despite these destructive actions by a few rioters and the efforts of the foreign media to provoke public opinion, a calm atmosphere is reported throughout Iran today, and after the Friday prayers in Tehran, people are demonstrating in condemnation of the rioters' actions.

According to Iran press, due to the recent norm-breaking movements and the insults of a few rioters to the holy things, a march to condemn these movements will be held across the country with the presence of people from different walks of life.

Before the start of Friday prayers in Tehran, the mourning ceremony for the martyrdom of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), Imam Hassan Mujtaba (PBUH), and Imam Reza (PBUH) was also held.

The mourners chanted "Ya Hussein" (PBUH), showing their disgust at those insulting the flag of martyrs.


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