Niamey (IP)- The Muslims of Niger expressed their solidarity with the people of Gaza by gathering in the Grand Mosque of Niamey, the capital city, late on Sunday.

Iran PressAfrica: The Muslim leaders of Niger were also present in the anti-Zionist rally, and Sambo Amadou, the leader of the Niger Muslims, condemned the crimes of the Israeli regime in the Gaza Strip and the killing of Palestinians.

"While people, especially Palestinian children and women, are being treated in Gaza hospitals, the hospitals are targeted by Israeli attacks," said Amadou In a statement.

The leader of the Muslims of Niger also stated that the Muslims of the country condemn the silence of the international community against Israel's crimes against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.According to Sambo Amadou the leaders and Muslims of Niger admire the courage of South Africa, Iran, and Yemen against the Israeli regime in the legal, political, and military fields.

The Muslims of Niger also asked the international community to end the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza as soon as possible and to work for sustainable peace.


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