Morocco’s BCIJ arrests 5 ISIS-affiliated suspects plotting terror projects

Moroccan police on Wednesday arrested five people with suspected links to the Islamic State (IS) terror group.

Iran PressAfrica: Several reports commend Morocco’s counterterrorism approach, describing the country as among those least affected by terrorism.

Security services, however, are aware of the risk of terrorism, emphasizing that the country is not immune to terrorist-related challenges.

The suspects were arrested in simultaneous security operations in the cities of Kenitra, Larache, Souk Sebt, Taroudant and the rural commune of Souihla in Marrakech, said a statement by the Central Bureau for Judicial Investigations, Morocco's intelligence bureau.

Initial investigation revealed that they were involved in the incitement and the preparation of terrorist acts, the statement said.

They advocated eliminating elements of the security forces and members of government departments, it said.

The arrested will be brought to justice upon the completion of the investigation under the supervision of the public prosecutor's office, the statement said.


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