Jun 28, 2020 20:58 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jun 28, 2020 21:41 Asia/Tehran]
  • Lebanese Foreign Minister Nassif Hitti
    Lebanese Foreign Minister Nassif Hitti

Lebanon’s Foreign Minister summoned the US Ambassador to Beirut over comments she made recently in which she criticized the Resistance group Hezbollah, state-run National News Agency reported Sunday.

Iran Press/Middle East: The agency gave no further details other than saying that the meeting between Foreign Minister Nassif Hitti and Ambassador Dorothy Shea is scheduled for Monday afternoon.

Local media said the Minister will tell the Ambassador that according to the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, an ambassador has no right to interfere in the internal affairs of another country and should not incite the Lebanese people against one another.

On Saturday, a Lebanese judge banned local and foreign media outlets in the country from interviewing the US Ambassador for a year saying that her criticism of Hezbollah was seditious and a threat to social peace.

The judge’s ruling came a day after Shea told Saudi-owned TV station Al-Hadath that Washington has “great concerns” over Hezbollah’s role in the government.

Since the ban by the judge was imposed on Saturday, several local TV stations aired fresh comments from Shea in which she described the judge’s decision as “unfortunate.” She claimed that a senior Lebanese government official, whom she did not name, apologized to her.

“I was contacted yesterday afternoon by a very high-ranking and a well-placed official in the Lebanese government and this official expressed apologies, conveyed that this ruling did not have proper standing,” Shea told the local MTV station on Sunday.

Shea also alleged that the official told her that the government “will take the necessary step to reverse it.”


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