Lahore (IP)- The Khatun Jannat Conference was held in Lahore on the occasion of the martyrdom of the daughter of the Prophet (P.B.U.H), wife Imam Ali first imam of Shias, Sayyida Fatima al-Zahra, PBUH.

Iran PressAsia: Hazrat Fatima Zahra (AS), is the beloved daughter of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (AS) and the wife of the Commander of the Faithful, Ali bin Abi Talib (AS), the first Imam of the world's Shi'a Muslims.

The well-known religious scholar Hafiz Syed Kazim Raza Naqvi said that those who observe the day of Sayyidah, may Allah bless them and grant them peace. He added that the children whom the holy Bibi Fatimah (A.S) raised saved the religion of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) so Sunni and Shia should make the biography of Bibi public that how much she suffered in her last days.

Chairman of the All Masalik Board, Mufti Ashiq Hussain, said that every act which is the greatness of humanity is a part of the teachings of Bibi Fatima (S.A). Prof. Mahmood Ghaznavi and Chairman Pakistan Sunni Ulama Conference Asghar Arif Chishti also expressed their views on this occasion and paid tribute to the most honorable lady.

A large number of people participated in Khatun Jannat Conference, while Allama Amjad Ali Abidi offered a special prayer for the country and the nation as well as for the helpless Palestinians.


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